VMware Cloud on AWS: How to get out of vendor lock-in with VMC

VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) is fast becoming one of the best cloud migration options for companies using VMware to extend workloads into AWS in the most cost-effective, risk-averse way possible. But...

3 reasons to use Azure Sentinel to improve your cloud security posture

Azure Sentinel is a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solution designed to modernise threat detection and response for enterprise and give users a more comprehensive view of their...

AWS Outposts: 5 Benefits for Your Hybrid Cloud

AWS offers some of the most versatile APIs, infrastructure, and services for businesses going cloud-first. But what if your business still needs to run applications and workloads on-premise? And...

Azure Arc: 7 benefits for managing hybrid and multicloud deployments

Is there an easy way to deploy apps and policies to our virtual machines and containers running in multiple cloud environments? Or on-premises? 

5 game-changing cloud trends to prepare for in 2020

Digital transformation has reached its zenith at the start of 2020, yet the speed in which new technologies and trends move in cloud computing continues to be rapid-fire - understandably, it’s...

Azure VMware Solutions: 3 Ways It Makes Your Cloud Migration Easier

Cloud migration initiatives show no signs of slowing down in 2020, with the global public cloud market predicted to grow 17% in 2020 to total $266.4 billion - making it clear that kick-starting...

VMware Cloud on AWS: 5 reasons to make the move

While more enterprises are going cloud-native heading into 2020, many still have critical data and applications that require consistent up-time, facing difficulties in moving their existing...

Xello and Okta partner to modernise identity for regulated enterprise

Melbourne, Australia 19 November 2019 - Xello, a Melbourne-based provider of digital business solutions, today announces a new partnership with Okta, the leading independent provider of identity...

3 Steps To Choose The Right Cloud-Based Identity Solution

Companies around the world are migrating applications and resources to the cloud - AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform - driving digital transformation across several areas, and changing the way...

Why cloud identity is as important as cloud security

When it comes to the cloud and data protection, identity and security is the crux of how you safeguard your hybrid or cloud-first environment.

How to setup Okta and Active Directory Integration & Provisioning

More often then not, companies begin a modern identity journey by expanding the capability of an existing identity store. This could be federation using ADFS, identity governance using SailPoint,...

Deploying Okta resources using Terraform for cross platform automation

As a consultant focused on implementing the best customer solutions, automation is a key part of my job. Technology that can be automated is my preference, and this is one of the key reasons I...

Okta vs Ping Identity: What's the difference?

When it comes to securing our digital workplaces in 2019, Identity as a Service (IDaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) Access Management (AM) tools have become the norm for large enterprises.

Identity as a Service: 3 reasons you need a modern identity platform

Identity and access management (IAM) is core to nearly every modern business activity in large-scale enterprises, yet rarely is it considered of equal importance as other digital initiatives. 

Chargeback & Showback: Optimising IT costs with cloud monitoring tools

With more users across large-scale enterprises consuming cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) products, it’s essential to be able to monitor, track and optimise all our costs holistically - and...

SCOM of the Earth Part 2: Replacing Operations Manager with Azure Monitor

In this blog, we continue where we left off  in part one, spending a bit more time expanding on the capabilities of Azure Monitor. Specifically, how powerful Log Analytics & KQL can be, saving us...

Google BigQuery: 5 benefits for cloud data warehousing

BigQuery is the enterprise data warehouse service of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - and it's making big waves for low costs and flexibility.

Qlikview vs Power BI in 2019: What's the difference?

Self-service business analytics solutions are the new top focus when it comes to enterprise-grade data analytics solutions and BI platforms - and two of the undisputed leaders in the growing space...

Xello sponsors Summit Australia for Business Applications 2019

Xello is proud to announce our official sponsorship of the Australia Summit for Business Applications 2019 - also known as Power Platform Summit Melbourne. 

Workday integration with Okta: 5 business benefits

For any enterprise business, the importance of up-to-date human resource (HR) and IT systems cannot be understated. Whether it’s new hires, promoted employees or departures, outdated information...

Managing Tableau upgrades: 5 key considerations for enterprises

Updating to the latest release version of Tableau, or any self-service data analytics solution used heavily across enterprise business, is never a task that should be taken lightly.

AWS GuardDuty: What you need to know

One of the most common recurring questions asked by customers across all business sectors is: How do I monitor security in the cloud?

Workday and Azure Active Directory Integration: 3 Benefits for HR

With digital transformation a growing priority for organisations globally, more enterprises are moving to cloud-based human capital management (HCM) platforms like Workday to handle their HR and...

SCOM of the Earth: Replacing Operations Manager with Azure Monitor

When first interviewed at Xello, I was asked what I thought of System Center Operations Manager. Working primarily with Configuration Manager, I had just started managing my day-to-day with...

Integrating MYOB with Power BI: Top 3 analytics benefits

When it comes to visualising MYOB AccountRight Live financial data in interactive dashboards and shareable reports, Microsoft Power BI is a top recommended business analytics tool for the job.

4 best practices to deploy chatbots that improve customer experiences

Whether it’s the multitude of vendors, poorly defined use cases or the high percentage of failed conversational AI pilots - building and deploying chatbot solutions presents many different...

Top 3 reasons to integrate Xero with Power BI

When it comes to maximising insights and enabling data-driven decision-making, Microsoft Power BI is one of the best business analytics tools on the market - especially for Xero users.

One Cloud Doesn't Fit All: Why a Multicloud Strategy is essential

With the multi-cloud era well and truly upon us in 2020, business transformation needs to evolve past the pervading idea of ‘one cloud fits all’ - and fast.

Azure Bastion: Remote VM access in your Web browser

One of the many benefits of partnering with Microsoft is that occasionally Xello gets to see, explore and put to the test upcoming products and services ahead of time.

6 essential steps to prepare for AI adoption in your business

Augmented analytics, deep learning, predictive analytics, machine learning - exciting new areas of digital innovation and transformation that aren't so far off into the future as they once seemed.

Power BI: Top 5 no-code AI & machine learning features

With 850,000 active users and more than 30 million dashboards and reports hosted, Power BI has fast become one of the most versatile self-service business intelligence tools for no-code data...

3 reasons to purchase Azure Cloud through a CSP partner

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is a great pathway for many companies making the move towards Azure Cloud, and who want to optimise their ongoing use of its services for better...

3 key steps for your cloud-to-cloud migration

What exactly makes a cloud-to-cloud migration different from a regular cloud migration?

5 Ways To Have Greater Control Over Your Azure Migration

Moving your entire business – apps, data, infrastructure, workloads – to Azure, whether a cloud-only or hybrid model, is both a long-term investment and complex undertaking that needs a steady...

3 key considerations for building your Azure business case

When it comes to moving to Microsoft Azure, it’s safe to say the public cloud’s many proven benefits - huge cost-savings, infrastructure modernisation and competitive advantage - are undisputed in...

How to leverage Infrastructure as Code with AWS and Terraform

As more organisations continue their evolving cloud journey in 2019, many will begin to learn the concept and benefits of "infrastructure as code", or IaC for short.

Power BI vs Tableau in 2019: What's the difference?

In the era of digital transformation and cloud-based scalability, modern data analytics solutions and BI platforms have rapidly evolved to meet enterprise demand for bigger and better data-driven...

Understanding cloud governance: 3 ways to reduce spend and risk

In an era of increasing cloud-based business, one recurring pain-point for infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to overcome is a lack of clarity around their role in enterprise cloud...

Power BI: Top 3 considerations for successful events analytics

Power BI is Microsoft’s premier data analytics tool for business intelligence (BI) and a game changer for creating powerful, interactive visualisations and live dashboards without having to be a...

Azure Sentinel Preview Impressions – A cloud-native SIEM with teeth

After setting up Windows Virtual Desktop last week, I thought I would continue the preview theme of my blog. Prior to RSA San Francisco, Microsoft announced Azure Sentinel: A cloud first Security...

Windows Virtual Desktop: Public Preview Deployment Experience & Thoughts

As a long-suffering Citrix and RDS administrator, I’ve eagerly awaited the release of Microsoft’s virtual desktop offering that was announced at last year’s Microsoft Ignite – to put it to the...

March 2019 Wrap Up

With new strategic partnerships, three new data analytics whitepapers and a wave of new events hosted at our Bourke Street office this month, it's been March Madness at Xello - the very good kind!

Xello to host and sponsor Global Integration Bootcamp Melbourne 2019

The team at Xello is proud to announce alongside SixPivot, we're sponsoring and hosting this year's Melbourne iteration of the Global Integration Bootcamp!

How to use Azure Machine Learning for better predictive insights

Smart speakers, wearables, voice assistants - intelligent applications and smart devices that make our life easier and our work more efficient are increasingly becoming everyday essentials.

February 2019 Wrap Up: Azure Bootcamp, Power Platform meetup and a new look

With two new team-members and a fresh wave of meet-ups and workshops held at our Bourke Street office this month, Xello have had an exciting and jam-packed February.

Moving from SCOM to Azure Monitor: What's the difference?

Amidst the rapid rise in digital transformation and uptake of the cloud persists two leading solutions for end-to-end infrastructure monitoring: Azure Monitor and System Center Operations Manager...

Cloud security protects your data - if you pull your weight

In 2019, human error remains one of cloud security’s weakest links.

Azure MasterPlan: Top 3 reasons a cloud blueprint strategy is essential

We’ve seen many Australian customers lift and shift infrastructure without the cloud architecture and governance framework they need to accurately align Azure's capabilities with their business...

What does Windows 10 end-of-support mean for you?

The biggest threat to infrastructure and productivity in any organisation using Windows 10 in the workplace is a lack of forward-planning or awareness around the product support lifecycle.

Disaster Recovery: Why DR is important and how to build it

Many people confuse the terms Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity and whilst it’s true in both cases you’re recovering from a disaster, they’re not the same.

Microsoft Customer Agreement: Everything you need to know

Microsoft is set to offer organisations seeking digital transformation with the cloud a new way to purchase Azure services, beginning as early as March 2019 - and will fundamentally shake-up the...

January 2019 PowerApps & Flow Melbourne Meetup: Face Recognition App

Microsoft PowerApps and Flow Melbourne User Group is returning to Xello HQ after a brief Christmas hiatus!

5 Big Data & AI trends transforming businesses in 2019

With a new year comes new challenges and opportunities for the many businesses around the globe.

7 digital transformation trends you need to prepare for in 2019

Digital transformation is set to gain significant momentum worldwide in 2019. Here are the latest trends.

Why Azure Site Recovery is best for business continuity

In 2019, the top obstacles for businesses searching for the right backup solution is speed and performance, while larger enterprises are struggling with balancing cost and complexity.

4 reasons to use Azure Databricks for big data workloads

In a world of rapid digital transformation, big data is naturally more prevalent in our line-of-business computer systems than ever before. 

How Office 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) improves your data security

Despite growing consumer awareness and data protection security, there are a number of recent high-profile reports that show we have a long way to go when it comes to safeguarding sensitive...

5 considerations for a successful cloud transformation

CIOs are often tasked with providing a platform and roadmap for technology which enables the business to grow, scale and pivot according to the market demands – all while operating with IT budgets...

November 2018 PowerApps & Flow Melbourne Event: Mindfulness Survey by Graham Fairley

After a successful first meetup, Microsoft Power Apps and Flow Melbourne User Group is returning to Xello HQ.

Office 365 ProPlus: Top 4 business benefits for users

Office 365 ProPlus is the most collaborative and secure version of Microsoft Office available today, and its cloud-based update delivery model means new features and patches are released all the...

3 best practices for Data Estate Modernisation

Better decisions, efficient operations, growing revenue and increased competitive advantage - these are the top 4 business intelligence and data analytics goals modern organisations strive...

October 2018 Wrap-Up

With Microsoft Ignite 2018 and a move to our new office on Bourke Street, the team at Xello have been hard at work.

How Microsoft PowerApps helps build better business solutions

In the era of digital transformation, businesses need application development capabilities that open up the build process to everyone - not just developers.

The business benefits of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a central software hub for workplace communication and collaboration and a key part of the Office 365 suite - one that many organisations and users are still figuring out.

6 ways to optimise cloud spend and control costs

For many businesses that have migrated to the cloud, managing costs, reducing wastage and optimising spend is a real issue.

Mitchell Shire Council kickstarts cloud journey with Azure MasterPlan

Azure MasterPlan has helped us understand how the cloud can free up time for IT operations and support to work on innovating business processes, instead of worrying about day-to-day operational...

Why it's important to use correct JSON schema with ARM templates

I ran into an issue a little while ago related to the deployment of an Azure Resource Manager Template and the use of domain credentials within it. Specifically, the extension wouldn't deploy...

How to Bypass MFA for Exchange Online ActiveSync

The Xello team often comes across scenarios (rightly or wrongly) where Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) needs to be bypassed for one reason or another. By far the most common scenario we hear...

5 signs it's time for a better business intelligence solution

Big data continues to grow exponentially among businesses today, and it’s no surprise organisations want to properly leverage it to produce better insights and drive more data-driven decisions.

Power BI Desktop vs Power BI Pro and Premium: What's the difference?

When it comes to self-service business analytics and data analysis, Power BI is the current cream of the crop - and for good reason.

October 2018 PowerApps & Flow Melbourne Event: Steam Powered Flows

Microsoft Power Apps and Flow Melbourne User Group is coming to Xello HQ!

9 reasons why you should use Power BI for business analytics

Whether it’s using interactive dashboards to consolidate key metrics or rich reports to connect datasets from workloads, Power BI is a key tool to engage with business data, pull it from a broad...

How to deploy Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK) – Part 1

Welcome to our series on deploying, configuring and utilising Microsoft's Azure Stack Development Kit. 

Microsoft Teams event: Best practices, standards & governance in adoption

Microsoft Teams has transformed the way we connect staff and enhance workplace productivity.

Office 365 ProPlus vs Office 2019: What's the difference?

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is an essential Software as a Service (SaaS) package for today's modern digital workplace - yet there is a surprising amount of confusion about how it differs from...

5 common misconceptions about Office 365 ProPlus

Still confused about Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus and how it works?

Cloning a Domain Controller to another account in AWS

Cloning Domain Controllers (DCs) within single VPCs is often a trivial matter. Proper planning, a few PowerShell cmdlets, and you’re there.

The go-to Azure migration options for SQL Server end of life

If your business currently relies on SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2 or any other version approaching end of life, you’ll be happy to know there’s no better time to upgrade your data platform...

Prepare for SQL Server 2008 end of life by leveraging the cloud

End of life (EOL) is fast approaching for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2, with extended support officially ending on 9 July 2019. After a decade of faithful service, Microsoft's regular...

Windows Virtual Desktop: What's new and what's next

Windows Virtual Desktop is Microsoft 365's new virtualised modern desktop platform set to make it easier for organisations to leverage the full benefits of Azure, Office & Windows in a single...

The big business benefits of Azure SQL Database Hyperscale

Is your business looking for the best cloud platform that can scale compute and storage independently and handle very large databases (VLDBs)?

Why you should leverage Windows AutoPilot Hybrid Azure AD Join

Windows AutoPilot is one of the most underrated cloud technologies currently available, quietly transforming how fast and easy our Windows 10 devices are set up, deployed and delivered to users.

Top 5 Windows AutoPilot benefits for modern device deployment

Deploying new Windows devices has traditionally been entirely in the hands of IT. Custom images are built, maintained and applied to get it all ready for new users, despite having a perfectly fine...

4 technology trends redefining the accounting industry

The rise of cloud-based applications and data analytics services is dramatically transforming the accounting industry's processes.

How Gadens used Azure IaaS to optimise infrastructure costs

Gadens has a national environment which comprises several business-critical applications that service all of the law firm’s offices across Australia. Gadens previously outsourced its cloud...

7 reasons why Azure Logic Apps should be your integration platform

Before the cloud, the traditional way of integrating our systems and applications together with partners systems or Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions like Dynamics 365 or Office 365 happened...

What is Azure SQL Database Reserved Capacity?

Azure SQL Database Reserved Capacity is a new pricing option for organisations running workloads in Microsoft Cloud or are interested in migrating, and the latest addition to Azure’s long line of...

Cloud Data Warehouse: The benefits of on-demand warehousing

Big data is transformative and having the capability to consolidate, store and refine your data into valuable insights is fundamental in driving organisational agility and competitive advantage.

Top 3 reasons why your business needs a cloud strategy

Despite Australian investment in public cloud services projected to reach $4.6 billion by the end of this year, CIOs and IT managers still struggle to sell the benefits of cloud computing to their...

Xello sponsors Power BI World Tour Melbourne 2018

Power BI World Tour is returning to Melbourne on August 21 - 22, to bring attendees unprecedented access to premium Power BI content designed by local industry experts.

Internet of Things in Australia: 5 innovative IoT use cases

With $832 billion estimated to be spent on Internet of Things solutions by 2020, it's clear businesses are investing in an IoT future.

Azure Data Lake: 5 benefits for big data storage and analytics

Looking for a better way to store, prepare and analyse your high-volume big data for future discovery and insights?

Extended Security Updates: How to get free support for SQL Server 2008

From 32-bit computing to the digital transformation era, the past 10 years has seen big progress in cloud and hybrid server technology.

What is Azure SQL Database Managed Instance?

Even with the prominence of cloud computing, it’s not hard to remember a time when enterprise IT applications and processes only ran on inflexible on-premises systems.

Windows AutoPilot: What is zero-touch device deployment?

For any business, streamlining the new device set up process with faster and smarter automation is never an unwelcome capability.

Microsoft Inspire 2018: 4 biggest Azure announcements

Microsoft Inspire 2018 was all about ushering in the "intelligent cloud and intelligent edge" era, and with it, several huge developments across cloud, data and Internet of Things (IoT).

10 technology trends transforming the legal industry

Digital transformation and disruptive technology continue to re-shape the legal industry in fascinating ways this year.

Azure Logic Apps: 5 ways it improves workflow automation

Looking for a better way to automate your business workflows across cloud and on-premises environments?

Azure Data Factory: How to centralise and transform your big data

Big data is more available to us than ever before, but moving and transforming our raw data into something meaningful is still proving to be a complex task for many organisations.

Machine learning: 6 innovative use cases in business today

Machine learning has rapidly shifted from an abstract idea to critical component for business intelligence.

How to use Azure Backup for SQL Server workloads

Azure Backup is one of the most robust data protection and restoration services available for businesses using the Microsoft Cloud. However, its users have been unable to backup on-premises SQL...

Internet of Things: 5 benefits to being IoT Ready

Whether you’re optimising your cloud infrastructure or you’re deep into a new data analysis strategy, chances are you’ve heard the phrase ‘Internet of Things’ or ‘IoT’ thrown around at some point.

Dilignet is now Xello

Happy Monday! Today, we are excited to share with you the official launch of Xello and our new vision for the future.

Media Release: Dilignet rebrands as Xello to champion cloud, IoT and Big Data solutions

Media Release, Melbourne, Australia - 02 July 2018 - Dilignet has announced a corporate rebrand and name change to Xello, reflecting the company’s evolution from enterprise IT services to provider...

Azure SQL Database: How PaaS can consolidate your SQL licensing costs

Are you paying too much for your on-premises SQL Server licenses?

5 ways Microsoft Power BI enhances your business intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) and the ability to gain actionable insights from your big data is fundamental for any organisation striving to be agile, future-proofed and ready for tomorrow.

Azure Database Migration Service: How to simplify your move to the cloud

Cloud migration and data consolidation are still scary, foreign concepts for many businesses outside of the IT industry. 

What is Windows AutoPilot? - Simplifying device setup and deployment

Loading custom OS images to hundreds of Windows 10 devices is a more common IT nightmare than we ever dare to acknowledge. There’s only so many times we can sit through the tedium of the new setup...

Windows as a Service: How to maintain Windows 10 with Managed Services

With monthly updates and cumulative quality patches, it can be easy for Windows 10 enterprise users to unintentionally forget about looming end-of-service dates without managed services.

Windows 10 event: How to reduce risk, cost & complexity

Windows as a Service has transformed the way we manage and service business environments.

AVCrypt: New ransomware targeting antivirus software

A computer virus that seeks out and destroys antivirus software; that’s AVCrypt, a new ransomware variant which has recently been discovered.

The NDB Scheme: Australia's new cybersecurity rules

In today’s global online marketplace, businesses can find customers, manage workforces and accept payments more easily than ever before and that’s great news, as long as everything works smoothly.

Windows Containers: Understanding Docker Build Files, Networks, and Repositories

In Part 1 we looked at the basics of Docker, concepts and deploying your first container using an image from the Docker repository.

Amping up your disaster recovery with the cloud

In the previous post about DRaaS, we discussed the objectives of protecting your workload, emphasising the use of Cloud Backup.

Darktrace forms new partnership with Xello

MEDIA RELEASE: 21 February 2018 - World leading machine learning company for cyber security Darktrace has announced its partnership with Xello.

How to deploy your first Windows Container

The purpose of this series is to provide a hands-on explanation and walkthrough of Windows Containers and explain why they’re such a great tool.