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Media Release: Dilignet rebrands as Xello to champion cloud, IoT and Big Data solutions

Media Release, Melbourne, Australia - 02 July 2018 - Dilignet has announced a corporate rebrand and name change to Xello, reflecting the company’s evolution from enterprise IT services to provider of high quality business solutions.

“Xello’s continuous mission to provide our customers personalised business solutions made it important to create a new brand that better represents our evolving offerings,” said Xello Managing Director, Peter Lillywhite. “Our realignment is in response to increasing demand from our customers to support them through cloud optimisation and innovative Big Data and IoT solutions, enabling the agile and flexible digital transformation businesses desire."

Since 2008, the company has helped Australian businesses drive their migration and modernisation initiatives focused around infrastructure solutions. Its re-positioning elevates the focus on innovative business solutions centred around cloud, data and IoT technologies that optimise operations, improve information visibility, accumulate real-time insights and centralise critical data to enable smarter business decisions.

As cloud optimisation, Big Data and IoT continue to become more essential to shifting enterprise IT needs across business sectors, Xello has the capabilities necessary to deliver industry-leading solutions and services that keep customers competitive in the digital space.

“To provide the best business-led outcomes, it’s all about understanding the people behind the business first,” said Mr Lillywhite. “We partner with our customers to understand their business goals more closely, and then provide the right solutions.”

Xello has recently obtained Microsoft’s highest Gold accreditation aligned to the Data Platform competency and is working on obtaining Gold across Data Analytics in the coming months.

The company is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner across existing competencies in Cloud Platform, Enterprise Management & Mobility, Cloud Productivity and Windows and Devices.

“As Xello, our customers can expect an evolution of what we have already achieved: Thriving partnerships, successful outcomes and an enduring mission to push the envelope and keep you ahead of the game.”


About Xello

Xello provides technology solutions that drive our customers’ success, focused on cloud, data, IoT and managed services. We are an award-winning company in Melbourne with a proven track record in delivering exceptional outcomes.

We partner with our customers and understand their business goals, turning ideas into reality, and insights into results. Our team’s strategic approach and framework enables us to speak to the big picture and have you ready for tomorrow.

To find out more on how we can keep you ahead of the game, feel free to contact us at info@xello.com.au.

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