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How Gadens used Azure IaaS to optimise infrastructure costs

Gadens has a national environment which comprises several business-critical applications that service all of the law firm’s offices across Australia. Gadens previously outsourced its cloud infrastructure to a managed data centre provider to run its applications, Web and SQL workloads on a total of eight servers, which proved costly to maintain.

Achieving a more cost-effective business solution was critical for Gadens and their long-term goals. Forming a strategic partnership with Xello, Gadens successfully made the move to Microsoft Azure; they now leverage Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing to achieve increased agility and substantial cost-savings.

 "The move is not just about having a cloud platform as a talking point - it’s about having a platform that can grow with us and we can build on. That’s what we’re unlocking since we migrated, and that’s a clear-cut win.” - Tom Shirley, Development Lead


Gadens Case Study - Benefits breakdown

With the new Azure IaaS solution in place, Gadens now enjoys:

  • A seamless transition from managed data centre to Azure IaaS
  • Easier and more manageable environment with less risk of change
  • Faster access and better performance with core business applications
  • Reduced infrastructure costs by 60% under Azure’s ‘pay for what you use’ model

The successful migration has empowered Gadens with a future-proof infrastructure framework and platform in place, helping the business unlock the changes IT need to get a solution in place - and keep prepared for tomorrow.

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