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Okta for Government: 4 business benefits

For any government entity, the importance of having an industry leading Identity and Access Management (IDAM) is foundational to adopt a zero trust architecture. 

There are number of business benefits when adopting the Cloud but in an era when the user attack surface has never been larger, the use of a market leading IDAM solution is important to secure Government services, whilst providing the seamless user experience that Citizens expect.

In this blog, we have detailed four business benefits that all Government department or agencies should focus on as it relates to their IDAM strategy.


#1 - Protect and Enable Your

In this era of remote working styles, Government's workforce are seeing an increased attack surface of malicious actors that is comprising the cyber security of both individuals and agencies alike. Legacy technology with heavy maintenance costs and increasing cyber security risk have left government in need of modernisation. 

Protecting the workforce provides a level of security controls with organisations that have fragmented identity policies. With the number of departmental based changes, the consolidation of login credentials, providing SSO & MFA capability across a number of identity stores becomes critical for Government departments.   


#2 -Build Secure, Seamless Citizen

Most agencies need to integrate their applications seamlessly with Government based services, and provide that Citizen with the most secure access and controls possible. Whether you’re building a new citizen-facing portal or unifying a constellation of existing services, Okta makes web and mobile access secure, compliant, and frictionless.

As Citizens are putting further demands on mobile and access to services, secure identity integration is a critical step to maintaining public security, compliance and control. Leveraging Okta for Lifecycle Management, Government agencies can securely provision credentials for services to Citizens at will to allow them to meet demand. 


#3 -Implement a Zero Trust Approach to

A Zero Trust Approach to Government based security is now considered as the minimum accepted standard when it comes to a broader Cyber security strategy, for both internal workforce and citizen facing.

The adoption of mobile and cloud means that we can no longer have a network perimeter-centric view of security. Okta can help securely enable access for all your agency’s users regardless of their location, device or network, leveraging complementary security solutions that integrate seamlessly with Okta such as CyberArk for Privileged Access Management, or ProofPoint for Secure Email Gateway. This level of security all integrates and allows for ease of adoption for Zero Trust Architecture. Never Trust, always verify.  


#4 -Compliance and Security Features
that Meet Government Needs

To be able to understand the threat surface, the user behavior from internal and external attacks and vulnerabilities is critical to getting the most out of your IDAM solution. 

Using secure, audited infrastructure and processes, Okta takes a comprehensive approach to security, and have aligned to a number of Government regularity requirements including SM/IRAP Compliance, VP-DSS Compliance, and more.

The sophisticated use of SSO, MFA, Lifecycle Management & Universal Directory, all play a key role to ensure end to end compliance and reporting of all IDAM based security items, whilst future-proofing the digital government journey.


Conclusion: Okta for Government

In short, Okta plays a pivotal role in securing Government based departments and agencies across Australia. Additional security and seamless access is more important than ever. The use of the Okta platform, integrated with complementary solutions can make things a lot faster, less risky, and much more secure for your Government entity - when implemented properly.

This type of solution is key to a modern identity platform. Download your free copy for more insights on a Modern Identity Platform.

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