AWS Cloud multicloud_strategy_why_one_cloud_doesnt_fit_all

One Cloud Doesn't Fit All: Why a Multicloud Strategy is essential

With the multi-cloud era well and truly upon us in 2019, business transformation needs to evolve past the pervading idea of ‘one cloud fits all’ - and fast.

AWS Cloud cloud_to_cloud_migrations_3_key_business_considerations

3 key steps for your cloud-to-cloud migration

  What exactly makes a cloud-to-cloud migration different from a regular cloud migration? Cloud migration traditionally refers to moving on-premises (legacy) architecture, infrastructure and systems...

AWS Cloud enterprise_data_catalog_data_disruptor_2019-1

How to leverage Infrastructure as Code with AWS and Terraform

  As more organisations continue their evolving cloud journey in 2019, many will begin to learn the concept and benefits of "infrastructure as code", or IaC for short. IaC is a method to define,...

AWS Cloud 3_ways_to_improve_cloud_governance_and_reduce_risk_guide

Understanding cloud governance: 3 ways to reduce spend and risk

  In an era of increasing cloud-based business, one recurring pain-point for infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to overcome is a lack of clarity around their role in enterprise cloud...

AWS Cloud azure_cloud_spend_optimisation_best_practices

6 ways to optimise cloud spend and control costs

  For many businesses that have migrated to the cloud, managing costs, reducing wastage and optimising spend is a real issue. As cloud services continue to rapidly mature, the conversation has...

AWS Cloud how to clone a domain controller to another account in aws

Cloning a Domain Controller to another account in AWS

Cloning Domain Controllers (DCs) within single VPCs is often a trivial matter. Proper planning, a few PowerShell cmdlets, and you’re there. However, what if you want to clone a DC in an AWS...