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Windows 10 event: How to reduce risk, cost & complexity

Windows as a Service has transformed the way we manage and service business environments.

With continuous feature updates and cumulative quality patches, enterprises have smarter and more streamlined ways to build, deploy and maintain their systems.

Waiting long periods without new features is no longer a reality, yet there are still plenty of ways businesses can continue to get the most out of Windows 10.


How do I keep up with Windows as a Service?

Automated bug fixes and software updates are far from the only gains granted by the WaaS model.

Having a 'Stay Current' workplace offers enhanced security, better performance and stability, and official support for both Windows and Office 18 months from date-of-release.

Our new event will ensure you remain up-to-speed with the deployment process and all of the new features introduced to optimise your Windows 10 experience across the business.


Where can I sign up for the Windows 10 event?

On 6 June, Xello are hosting Windows 10: How to reduce risk, cost & complexity which will cover many new developments in the Windows 10 space.

Our fellow business experts at Microsoft Australia, Lenovo and Rhipe are on a mission to educate organisations on how to take advantage of new opportunities offered by WaaS.

In addition, one lucky attendee to our event will win a free Windows 10 Assessment.

Gain a more in-depth look at the following features:

  • Devices as a Service (DaaS) and how to prepare your workforce
  • Autopilot and how it can streamline your build process
  • Windows Analytics and how you can leverage it to audit your services environment

Why should you attend the event?

  • Master the difference between 'Get Current’ and ‘Stay Current’
  • Review why Windows 10 is pivotal to the Microsoft 365 suite
  • Understand why a co-managed architecture is important

All interested parties can register their participation in our Windows 10 event by clicking the button below.


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